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Last update: June 2023

Lisbon all year round

Every year, with the arrival of summer, tourists from all over Europe prepare their holidays in Portugal. Lisbon leading tourist destination city in 2018, Porto, Alentejo, and of course, the Algarve. Follow our guides, suggestions and links to your discovery! Start with Guide to Portugal!

Summer in the Algarve

Vacation Destination
The beaches in the south of the country, the Algarve, are the favorites of the British, the Germans and many other Europeans who come to summer holidays or who have secondary residences there. The climate and tranquility of Portugal are among the main reasons for this preference. Find out more: Algarve

Ajuda Palace, Parish of Ajuda, Lisbon, Estremadura, © Google Earth Pro
Ajuda Palace, Parish of Ajuda, Lisbon, Estremadura, © Google Earth Pro

Study, Work and Live in Portugal

Portugal is a country where it is good to study, work and live. The tranquility and low level of violence, the cost of relatively cheap living, good job opportunities. Everything contributes to make Portugal a good option to establish in the country. Of course, there are some aspects that could be improved, such as salaries...

Study in Portugal

Studying in Portugal: good universities, some among the best in the world; there are many advantages of doing your higher education in Portugal.

Work in Portugal

Work in Portugal: Portugal it desperately needs labor in virtually every field of professional activity: from bartenders to doctors.

Landscape in Óbidos, outskirts of Lisbon, Santarém, Ribatejo, Portugal © Google Earth Pro
Landscape in Óbidos, outskirts of Lisbon, Santarém, Ribatejo, Portugal © Google Earth Pro

Living in Portugal

Living in Portugal: every year, thousands of people choose Portugal to live, like thousands of German, Belgian, Brazilian and other European pensioners.

In addition to being the gateway to discovering Europe, Portugal is also a good country to study, work and live. There are many reasons to choose Portugal. For Brazilians and other Portuguese-speaking countries, it is an obvious choice.

Lisbon and Porto

The two metropolises of Portugal, Lisbon and Porto, are global cities, they attract visitors from all over the world. City for holidays, international events and business.

Summer Destination
With the end of spring and especially during the summer, tourists from all over Europe leave to enjoy the beautiful sunny days. of the Algarve and its beautiful beaches. Come and go and discover some of the most sought after beaches in Portugal!

Alentejo, Culture and Gastronomy
Land of history, rich heritage - such as the beautiful city of Évora, Heritage of Humanity - and gastronomy, the Alentejo attracts all year thousands of visitors.

Wine Museum, Redondo, Alentejo, Portugal © Google Earth Pro
Wine Museum, Redondo, Alentejo, Portugal © Google Earth Pro

Centre, Coimbra and History

History, rich heritage - like the beautiful city of Coimbra, former capital of Portugal, university city and World Heritage Site, in addition to gastronomy, wines from Beira, the Centre attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Portugal is also a land of fans of Sports. From windsurfing to golf, various sports are practiced throughout the year, from the north to the south of the country. Thousands of people visit Portugal to practice your favorite sports activities.

Also follow the most important Events that take place in Portugal.

Cuisine and Gastronomy, Portugal © internet , illustration
Cuisine and Gastronomy, Portugal © internet , illustration

Food and Wine

Portugal is the land of good cuisine and good wines. Fish, grilled meats, seafood, soups and good bread are part of the Kitchen Traditional from Portugal. Great fish lovers, cod (the faithful friend) is the highlight of Portuguese cuisine. Find out more: Gastronomy

As for wines, for everyday use and for big occasions or special wines, the highlights are the Port Wine, the refreshing Vinhos Verdes, Douro, Dão and many others. The famous Madeira Wine is indispensable ingredient in all cuisines of the world.
Find out more: Wines of Portugal

Top Cities

Greater Lisbon

In addition to the largest urban agglomeration in the country (Lisbon), Sintra, Cascais, Loures, Almada and Oeiras complete the podium of the Top 5 largest cities in Portugal.

Greater Porto

In the north of the country, in Greater Porto, other important cities are Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga, Matosinhos, Gondomar and Guimarães.

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