Districts of Portugal

IMainland Portugal - The territory of Portugal, in the past, was divided into provinces or natural regions..

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It is currently divided into five major geographic regions and 18 districts. In turn, the districts are made up of municipalities or concelhos (municipalities), totaling 275.
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The 18 Districts of Portugal


Capital of Portugal, Global city and one of the great tourist destinations in Europe.


The Metropolis of the North, Global City, European Destination of 2017. Historic Center is a World Heritage Site.


The Capital of Minho. Religious center, the Roman Braga and city of youth.


Land of good wines. Arrábida, nature and beautiful beaches.


The beautiful Ria de Aveiro, the Moliceiros and the famous Bairrada Wines.


There are 21 municipalities, from Alentejo to the Center, passing through the middle Tagus. Historic cities and good wines.


From Beira Litoral to Extremadura. Fátima, religious destination, good wines and gastronomy.


Great university center, fado and history.


Gateway to the discovery of the Algarve. Great tourist destination.


Land of history and good wines (Dão-Lafões).

Viana do Castelo

The capital of Alto Minho. Old cod trading port.

Vila Real

Largest city in the Douro Wine Region, where the wines that will be used in Port Wine production come from.

Castelo Branco

Tagus River, Serra da Estrela and Cova da Beira integrate this district of rich history and land of Pedro Álvares Cabral (discovery of Brazil).


The highest capital of Portugal, land of good wines and gastronomy.


The Roman Évora, a World Heritage Site, the capital of Alentejo.


The most extensive of the districts of Portugal, has as its capital the city of Pax Julia, Beja.


Where Portugal was born. The lands of Alto Douro and Trás-os-Montes are, in general, above 400 meters.


The lands of Alto Alentejo, with a lot of history and rich heritage.